In terms of support with smoking cessation, the NHS has an app that can support people quitting called the NHS Quit Smoking App and it’s available on Google Play and App Store. More info can be found here If you’re a Southampton resident there is further support-

With alcohol addiction, the support service in Eastleigh that is contracted to the NHS is Inclusion- this also substance misuse support as well. They can be found on High Street in Eastleigh. They run different things throughout the week and you can self-refer.

For anyone under 25 or for parents who have children that need support with alcohol or substance misuse, there’s Catch 22. They offer a more tailored, 1:1 support for young people.

There is also Al-Anon for Families and they have a few groups available locally. These are support groups for families of someone who is an alcoholic

Finally there’s Alcoholics Anonymous

and Narcotics Anonymous

and Gamblers Anonymous